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CNC Machining

Our core focus is rapid prototypes that start with an MOQ of 1 and low volume manufacturing solutions up to 100,000 parts. We don’t box you into rapid manufacturing solutions that are good for us. Instead we work with you to create bespoke solutions that work for your project needs. At Panda-Tech Prototypes, we make things for you…FAST

Advantages Of Precision CNC Machining
  • Fast and repeatable for low volume manufacturing
  • CNC prototypes deliver on precise and high tolerance specifications
  • Wide range of production and rapid prototype manufacturing materials
  • Rapid machining offers great surface finishing
CNC Milling

The workpiece is held stationary directly on the machine bed or in a vice. Material is removed from the workpiece using cutting tools or drills that rotate at high speed. The tools are attached to a spindle, which can move along three linear axes.


The workpiece is held on the spindle while rotating at high speed. A cutting tool or center drill traces the outer or inner perimeter of the part, forming the geometry. The tool does not rotate and moves along polar directions (radially and lengthwise).